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We throw our passion and excitement for digital marketing and strategy into helping new, growing, and established businesses achieve their objectives and goals. We consistently deliver business-transforming results for our clients.


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Solving the Puzzle

SEO can be a difficult task to take on yourself. There is a complex litany of constantly evolving, moving parts. You don’t need to take this task on alone. Our firm fundamental understanding of good practices combined with our industry experience means that you don’t need to worry about solving the puzzle solo.

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Put you on the Map

Few things are more satisfying than working towards establishing your audience and putting you on the map. In a more literal sense – we also perform local SEO. This is a more niche form of SEO that not all businesses implement. Around 56% of all Google MyBusiness pages remain unclaimed. If your competitors aren’t implementing it, you already have the advantage.

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SEO Service that Work

If you’re looking for an SEO service that actually works, you’re in the right place. We are incredibly passionate about our industry. We keep on top of any changes in our field to ensure that you’re not left at a disadvantage when the next big update happens. We also exclusively implement the best possible practices to ensure we never put your website at risk.

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We are data driven, focusing on quality content, superior links and strategic PPC. Not only do we rank your content, but we work effectively to rank highly your guest posts through SEO PR. How? By building tiered links using optimal anchor text. We get under the skin of our clients and their audience, working hard on technical onsite and off-page search engine optimisation to bring a brand the qualified traffic and leads to help them grow. We use a mix of the magic sauce: Content, SEO, PPC and Email Marketing – a winning combination.

“To see companies we work with become an online authority, gain more website traffic and become more profitable is exceptionally satisfying. By working together on organic website growth through targeted SEO, PPC and quality content creation together with digital marketing strategies makes us, as a team, really proud, especially knowing that we’ve helped our clients’ ideal audience find them.”

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Pickled Ginger's passion and drive is to improve our clients' rankings and generate quality traffic to their website through listening, analysing, researching, implementing and managing their digital marketing processes. We take the headaches away.

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Technical Optimisation

Technical search engine optimisation is any form of optimisation that leans more heavily towards the technical side. The optimisation tends to learn more towards the crawling and indexing stages of a search engine. Having a well optimised robots.txt would fall under this category. As would optimising overall URL structure. Mobile optimisation could be another example.

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Content Optimisation

Content optimisation is the process of insuring your digital content is well optimised to appear in search results. This can be done by ensuring the correct keyword strategies are in place in accordance with your content plan. It can also be done via off-site SEO by ensuring relevant websites in your niche are interacting with and linking to your content.

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Backlink Profile Development

Ensuring that you have a healthy backlink profile is a cornerstone of SEO. There are a couple of well-respected methods for working towards growing your backlink profile. One is producing sharable content in your niche and encouraging other websites to link to your work. Another strategy is performing outreach work to incentivise relevant websites to give you a backlink.


Our full-scale SEO solution means that you can sit back and relax, while we manage your rise to the top of search results pages!


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Client Persona
Keyword Research
SEO Strategy
Content Creation
High Quality Linkbuilding
Onsite Optimisation


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a digital marketing channel whereby we help you grow your digital footprint to raise your authority in Google’s rankings and reach your online audience. We will improve your online presence, including keyword and competitor analysis, and we will work together to build a bespoke campaign for your business, generating high quality backlinks. Working with Pickled Ginger will increase your organic rankings, increase your website traffic and increase your revenue.

You will be in our experienced team’s hands when kick starting your SEO digital journey. We will help you generate more leads with quality content and strategic backlinks, tailored to your business and more importantly, your audience.


Google uses 200+ ranking factors to judge your position in its searches, so the team at Pickled Ginger really get under your skin to understand your values, your tone of voice, your expectations and your audience to enable us to tailor our varying search engine techniques to help you reach your goal. As each client we work with is unique, we use certain processes and methods to work more effectively in the ranking factors for your specific website and brand.
Our Search Engine Optimisation main strategy is to grow your online reputation through specialist link building methods, and secure you as a big player within your market. We use our own algorithms that take into account several factors – offering clear data, giving tangible and transparent results along the way. Search Engine Marketing is an investment in your long term marketing plan, so when dovetailed with on-going social media management and brand development the results will show you as a leader in your field and a trusted source of information and help. All of this takes time, so an overall SEO plan for your company should be part of your digital marketing and brand management long-term strategy.
Let Pickled Ginger develop your SEO strategy to drive more traffic to your website, help you become an authority on Google and ultimately generate more leads for your sales pipeline.

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Link building is the process of generating backlinks to a website through various methods and Pickled Ginger builds links through various techniques. As Google themselves say, “Ranking without links is really really hard.” Pickled Ginger understands Google’s ranking factors and the strategy needed for each client to succeed, which is why so much of our client SEO work concentrates on content and links. All links begin with quality content and thereafter each domain and campaign will be unique to each client.


Our team understands that data drives knowledge and education. We constantly monitor your website’s rankings and its health (no spam allowed on our watch!) and we will provide you with monthly reports, so you can see your ranking improvements. Pickled Ginger is an agency built on trust and transparency and we love our clients to know what we are doing and how the work is driving organic growth.





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