Digital SEO Marketing for the best ROI

Who is my audience in marketing terms

How do you measure success for your business? Through KPIs? Customer Satisfaction? Lead Conversions?

Google Analytics is a great way of determining the success of your search engine optimisation campaign. The metrics in Google Analytics offer a tracking system to monitor your:

  • traffic
  • referral sources
  • conversions
  • ROI

Return on Investment with Digital Marketing and Pickled Ginger - Elaine Pasini

Apologies if I’m teaching you to suck eggs, but do you ever take into account the metrics for online marketing? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is excellent marketing to carry out because of the different aspects it covers and delivers on.

How SEO Gets More Traffic

SEO does this by getting you out of obscurity on page 10, 5 or even 2 of search results. It gets you onto page 1 where people can actually see your website. It takes time also, there is no quick win with SEO which is why Google’s search results are trusted and its the search engine with over 92% of the UKs market share.

Over 90% of traffic goes to page 1. About 60% goes to websites in those top 3 spots.

One of the first measurable indicators that you’re getting an Search Engine Optimisation return on investment (ROI) is when you see your organic traffic is increasing.

In order to know where you stand and how to improve your organic traffic, you need to look a bit closer. Find out which search terms people are using to find your website.

The Right Audience

To get an SEO ROI, your website traffic needs to come from:

  • Your target clients (think audience profiling….)
  • People who engage with your business brand (clicking, commenting, liking, sharing, adding to shop/cart, etc)
  • Clients ready to buy, instruct or take action …now
  • Clients instruct and come back for more who buy…
  • Clients that don’t take a lot of convincing to instruct…

When you have a completely integrative SEO web design and digital strategy, these types of visitors will give you a higher revenue and and healthier profit.

SEO ROI with Pickled Ginger Marketing

How SEO Attracts the Right Audience

When you have your website built, it should be built with SEO mind.  Website designers are in general, not developers – they are usually two very different types of people. One is very creative and the other will be data driven.  Both however, probably won’t integrate SEO into their proposal because that’s not their job, especially for small budgets.

Every word, image, feature, tool, design element and piece of content should be built to appeal to and draw in the kind of traffic you desire – your perfect audience.

How do I know who is my perfect audience?

  • Competitor Research and Analysis. Anyone who knows me knows I love consumer & client behaviour, together with audience profiling. You have to know who the competition is and what they’re doing in order to develop and implement an effective strategy.
  • Research your existing clients. Use your own customer data to understand who to target and how to target more people like them. Think Pareto Rule (80/200)….80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.
  • Researching your industry’s clients. It’s not just about knowing your own job and industry, it’s important to learn what your target clients are searching for related to your business. What are their pain points and what terms are they typing into Google? What devices do they use? How do they speak? What technologies do they use? What do I mean by this? Do they speak in a narrative chit chat to Alexa or are they bullet point kind of people. Are they on mobile/desktop?
  • Networking with other high authority industry, news and educational websites.
  • Building a dynamic user-friendly website. If you have built your own, you need to make sure it has the correct SEO apps or plug-ins, that the images are at their optimal speed for downloads, that your site offers easy navigation and a great user experience. Remember, 2021 is the year Google’s rolling out its PAGE EXPERIENCE algorithm and it will punish (not in a weird way!) any websites not adhering to its guidelines.
  • Write quality content around your client’s search journey to reach them at different stages in the decision to instruct. Right message + Right time = SEO ROI
  • Adapt to changing trends, needs, goals and technologies. SEO isn’t a one-off campaign; it’s a digital experience that you invest time into. A brand requires ongoing SEO and digital marketing to maintain its visibility in search engines. Google and other search engines LOVE websites that are current and have rolling quality optimised content.

Better User Experience

There’s a lovely article from the UX Collective – SEO and UX – it’s so important for digital ROI. Have a read of it here (might be more for the marketers or web designers but good research for you as a business in the professional services also).

Ultimately, offering your client an excellent UX is like offering the very best in customer service. The whole package from your brand starts at the very beginning and doesn’t stop.

When users (your clients) are happy, Google is also happy. More people are finding what they’re looking for. Google benefits by giving sites like yours more visibility in searches. That’s the basic principle behind SEO. It’s a win-win-win for you, Google and the clients you want to attract.

SEO streamlines everything behind the scenes (programming), on the page (visual design, content), and off page (PR – links) to provide the best user experience possible.

When people have a good website experience, they:

  • Engage more
  • Instruct and buy more
  • Try new things and services
  • Come back
  • Tell their friends and colleagues
  • Write great reviews (for local SEO ROI, this can be SO simple!)

How User Experience Impacts Revenues

The general website user experience, whether professional services or retail, local or international, REVIEWS make a huge impact. Here are some statistics from Search Engine Land, Vocus and Dimensional (all authority players in digital editorial). If your website is slow to download, has spammy links, doesn’t navigate easily making it hard for you to get to the information you want easily, you won’t get good reviews. Or worse, you’ll get bad reviews…..

Forrester Group UX stats

A recent study from the prestigious Forrester Group (research firm) found that businesses who invested in an optimised user experience (which is a huge part of SEO) increased revenues by 400%. Google evolves its algorithm to meet changes in user behaviour all the time. No point dwelling on Google’s algorithms, just stay savvy to your consumer or client.

Why you might want to invest in an SEO Digital Marketing Agency 

When you invest in SEO and Digital Marketing, you are helping generate the leads of the potential clients you want to work with. With an online presence you have less than 3 seconds to make a first impression. From the moment a person hits your site, they’re evaluating:

  • Whether they’re on the right website
  • Whether they can find what they’re looking for
  • Whether you’re reputable enough to provide it

If your site loads slowly, they may not even get to your site before bouncing off it.

There is a direct positive correlation between the length of time someone is on a page/website and revenues.

To wrap it up!

Having a trusted person or agency who knows your industry, understands your audience and really wants your brand to do well online, through clicks and conversions using quality content, will benefit you in the long run. Whether you train with us and learn to implement SEO best strategy, OR you can let us manage your digital marketing so you can crack on with the work you actually want to focus on.

The team at Pickled Ginger Marketing are data driven, with a creative twist. A usual bundle we work to is a blend of SEO, PPC and Content Creation.

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