Does SEO Confuse You & Could Your Business Benefit From It?

What is SEO? By Pickled Ginger Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation – do you need it in your business strategy?

It’s hard for us SEOs and Digital Marketers to explain why SEO offers incredible ROI.  If (and only if) you get a really good SEO agency to run an SEO audit to show various measurable tactics, will you know if SEO is worth an investment for your marketing strategy.

So what exactly is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimisation.  To optimise a website there are various factors that need to be implemented to optimise a website for a search engine to find your website.  Optimised does NOT mean to rank in a search engine.

Does a web developer optimise a website when it’s built?

In a word…no.  Web designers and developers might touch on SEO but it’s not their role per se.  Some agencies might build and optimise but you’d have to ASK.  Don’t assume your website will be optimised (in any shape or form!), so think about that when you budget for design & development – no point doing just that if there’s no SEO.  Just because you have a website built doesn’t mean Google (or Bing, Yahoo etc) will be able to find you.  At Pickled Ginger, we give a 360 approach as we know it helps clients because of seamless communication and less login & password pass-arounds. We tend to use WordPress as we are SEOs and know the value of this platform for SEO work.

Website Platform Choices

WordPress is our preferred platform of choice because if gives so many variables in boosting onsite SEO. It depends on your business and how confident you or your team are with using WordPress (if you click HERE you can download our FREE “how to optimise your WordPress Blog resource).  If you’re starting up as E-Commerce business, you might want to build your own Shopify website; or if you have a tiny marketing budget you might go for another web builder such as Squarespace or Wix.  Neither or these are loved by professional SEOs because the coding is already inbuilt and there’s not much leeway for us do to extra optimisation (apart from work on more effective keywords, categories, images and internal / external links).  However, if you’re a business that wants full control of your website because you are updating the site continuously with new products or images, and you’re doing it by yourself, then I’d say go with that flow (Squarespace, Shopify etc).  Just don’t expect much traction to be done with onsite tech, you’d be looking more at PR SEO (link building).

Difference Between Onsite SEO and Offsite SEO

SEOs often use the terminology PR SEO for off-page (“offsite”) SEO because it’s about link building (ie getting a really relative and authoritative webmaster’s page linking back to your website).  We often think of SEO as split into 3 categories:

  • Onsite Tech
  • Content & Meta Data
  • External Link Building


SEO for beginners by Pickled Ginger Marketing
SEO for Beginners

Is SEO a Good Strategy for Every Business?

Well, it’s a tricky one to answer, because it all depends on budget, location, industry, competitors and targeted keywords.  If your website is optimised fully (secure, no 404s, schema is bang on, anchor urls are good etc), the content is pure quality (and by quality we mean following Google’s E-A-T algorithm – Expertise | Authority | Trust) and your products or services have a chance of ranking highly to bring you some serious online leads (traffic), then DEFINITELY. A mixture of onsite tech, content and link building is so invaluable to move the needle for you.

However, we are always very honest with businesses when we know their budget (unless they are a large brand of course) will be wasted (think needle in a haystack) and we would have to explain why SEO is not worth it, and how best for them to reach their audience.  We often have small retail businesses coming and asking for help, but they have no budget and their keywords and competitors are just too big, they will never rank highly.

In this situations, we would always say work hard on quality blogs (posts); optimise those posts properly (jump on our Freebies’ page where we are constantly uploading free resources for small businesses to download cheat sheets and guides); make use of strategic social marketing platforms, influencers AND Google My Business (local SEO).  Even if GMB is updated and a business has added all their details, services and areas, whilst constantly updating that, there is more chance they will rank high for local searches.


Ultimately, you want your website to rank highly?  It probably can – with a strategic digital marketing plan. It’s being savvy and thinking through your keywords, area and industry.  SEO is like a seed, the more you nurture it the more fruitful it becomes.

SEO is like a seed that is nurtured and blossoms into a flower - by Elaine Pasini
Nurture the seed and a beautiful flower will blossom

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