Email Marketing is alive and kicking with substantive stats to back up the claim.

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Why all SMEs should be using Email Marketing

Guest Blog by Mailchimp Expert and Pickled Ginger Marketing’s very own Email Marketing Guru

Vicky Smith, Mailchimp Partner

Vicky Smith Email Marketing Expert

Marketing a business can be overwhelming, but when there’s a clear strategy in place, the pieces fall into place.

If you’re putting all your marketing eggs in one basket, you’ll run into problems. Let’s take social media for example, as I can bet that you’ll be on at least one platform (and working very hard at it). What if you woke up tomorrow morning and Facebook and Instagram had gone down or went into a cybercrime hole?

Would you know how to contact those people who follow you? All of those people who you’ve been building up a relationship with? Ok, so it’s very unlikely that they’ll disappear completely but the algorithms are making it harder and harder for businesses to get seen without paid advertising.

68% of UK smartphone owners use their device to check email. Only text messaging was more popular (92%), while using the mobile web (66%) and social networking (63%) were close behind.

How to capture followers from Social Media

So, what happens if you make your social media encounters the start of the journey rather than the end game? Put in a call to action and have your followers sign up to your mailing list and you can build on those foundations by popping into their mailbox. Think about how you are effectively pulled into a brand or person you love and look at their offerings: they might be on social media to build that brand, but the leads come from capturing their data.

If you put the CTA in place and have your followers sign up to your mailing list, you won’t have to contend with the noise of social media. You have their attention. Now you just need to retain their attention.

66% of consumers have made a purchase online as a result of an email marketing message.

The Facebook Algorithm is on the change and organic reach is getting harder and harder all the time. FB does not want its free organic post to take them away to another site (i.e. though a giveaway or discount etc), so the best way in capturing data is to go down the Facebook Ad route.  It’s seriously clever being able to capture data if done in a strategic way.

Email Marketing ROI

The majority of email marketing platforms are free until you hit a high number of subscribers. By the time you gain one or two thousand subscribers (the usual thresholds for a paid account) I’m pretty sure you’ll be seeing the benefits. And you’ll want to pay the subscriptions and keep growing your list when you see the statistics on the Return on Investment:

66% of marketers report that email delivers an ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ ROI (compared to 41% with social media)

69% of B2B marketers claim that they get back more than £6 for every £1 invested in email marketing.

21% of B2C strategists claim that they get back at least £61 from every £1 invested in email marketing.

Here are some key tips to consider when starting and building your email strategy.

Identify Your Audience

Consumers are constantly being inundated with emails, so yours has to stand out. It is important that your audiences are segmented properly. A much more intentional approach will help bring more brand credibility to your content.

Personalise Your Content

One way to get more clients to open emails is to ensure you provide value and make a connection. That could be through sharing a blog that highlights industry-specific tips, a video of tactics, or an infographic, all optimized for quick consumption. Make sure you have an engaging title, a solid value statement, and relevant information. Understand the customer journey so that the email content being delivered can be well received.

Test Your Emails

Sometimes your carefully crafted emails just do not work for various reasons, broken links for example are a common error. Also, different email programs will display your email differently, so preview and test your campaign content before you send.

Measure and analyse

If you want to make the most of your email efforts and continuously improve, you need to track performance. Decide what your KPI’s (key performance indicators) are and monitor them.

Typical campaign-centric KPIs include:

  • email delivery rate
  • unique open rate
  • click-through rate
  • conversion rate

We deliver so many newsletters, campaigns, email funnels and more for our clients, and the hard work pays off. We often write the content when clients are too busy to fit it into their busy schedules (dependent upon the industry).

Using links, images, expression, personalisation and exceptional lead magnets, your leads will convert in not time.  Without your database, you are resting on your organic growth, ads or social media alone, so why not complement all your marketing around emails? We still open them!

Get in touch either with myself, Vicky here, or please call Elaine here.  We’d love to help your business grow.