How to add Whatsapp to your desktop – life changing!

WhatsApp Encryption and Desktop Know How by Pickled Ginger Marketing

How can I use WhatsApp on my desktop, laptop (MAC or PC)?

You won’t have escaped WhatsApp. Everyone is using it. Rarely do we text. Google Hangouts is another fabulous way of communicating, but this post is concentrating on WhatsApp, which is Apple software.

Ever wondered why some people seem to be able to type WhatsApp messages really fast, download documents and reply in seconds. They probably have their WhatsApp downloaded onto their desktop. I know I certainly do.


WhatsApp Desktop will only work on computers that meet the following operating system requirements:

  • Windows 8.1 or newer
  • macOS 10.10 or newer

Before you begin to upload WhatsApp on your Desktop, please make sure you have downloaded the LATEST VERSION on your phone. Here’s how:

This passage below is taken from WHATSAPP’s FAQ page:

How to update WhatsApp

You can easily update WhatsApp from your phone’s application store.

Please note if you received a message that isn’t supported by your version of WhatsApp, you’ll need to update WhatsApp. We encourage you to always use the latest version of WhatsApp. Latest versions contain the newest features and bug fixes.

Go to the Google Play Store and search for WhatsApp. Tap Update next to WhatsApp Messenger.

Go to the App Store and search for WhatsApp. Tap UPDATE next to WhatsApp Messenger.


  • On your mobile phone’s WhatsApp app, click on SETTINGS (bottom right hand with a wheel icon);
  • Click on WhatsApp Web/Desktop;
  • Scroll down to bottom where it says SCAN QR Code;

Whatsapp to Desktop part 1 by Pickled Ginger Marketing

WhatsApp to Desktop help from Pickled Ginger Marketing




WhatsApp to Desktop 3 Help from Pickled Ginger Marketing


Type in “” on your Mac or PC;

WhatsApp Desktop Link by Pickled Ginger Marketing

Wait for WhatsApp to pop onto screen, hold up your phone and its barcode to screen and away you go.

WhatsApp to Desktop using Scanning Code by Pickled Ginger Marketing

BINGO – up and running.


From end of June 2020 we can now use WhatsApp for group video and voice calls with up to 8 participants. Make sure ALL the participants have downloaded the latest version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has end-to-end encryption (whereas Google Hangouts does not).  WhatsApp is powered by Apple and Hangouts is Google.  Although WhatsApp is an Apple software, android phone can use.

WhatsApp has a security encryption whitepaper which you can read here.

Pickled Ginger Marketing always think of our clients’ security when working on their digital footprint.

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