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You own an online store and want to sell your gorgeous products through a Shopify website…but not sure how to sell online?

Firstly, congratulations! You may have adapted your actual shop into an eCommerce retail business; or you always wanted the dream of selling your goods online, or Covid has forced you to change your way of living…come what may, you have started your journey.  Hang on though, are you struggling to make a sale? Are your website clicks converting?  

The art of digital marketing encompasses many aspects and it’s best to always have a strategy to work towards. It’s all very well having a website and products to sell, but if no-one can find them….then how will they know to come to you?  

Website builder platforms (such as Shopify, Squarespace and Wix) are built and coded to make it easier for us as small businesses to get up and running without having to go to a website designer and developer. They are relatively cheap to run, are easy to navigate for non techs and have great plugins and guides to help. It’s all good, but the one thing website builders aren’t great at is Search Engine Optimisation (“SEO”). Custom built websites and platforms such as WordPress are used by SEOs all the time because there is a wealth of techniques that can be applied for organic growth.

Website builders are not built for SEO but more for PPC, social media and email marketing, amongst other marketing techniques. That’s not to say your website shouldn’t have SEO help or great link building marketing.

Why does your Shopify Website need to be optimised for Search Engines?

The ultimate aim for an eCommerce site is for consumers to come to your shop and buy a product. This seems so simple doesn’t it? Yet the volume of searches on Google per second is astronomical! 87,009 searches per second when I checked the stats (at the time of writing). 

Google searches per second = 87,009

Source: Internet Live Stats

Can you imagine how many competitors you have online? It’s insane if you think too hard! A digital marketing bod will want to help your perfect audience find your products of course, but will also want to make that viewer stick to your website, offer them a great, yet simple process of buying and get them to come back again.

That’s the trick….making your audience BUY NOW!!! And come back later, and hang on…upsell! But that’s another subject for another article!

eCommerce and Shopify Conversion Techniques – How to Sell!

Have you ever been on your phone and just about to click buy, when the doorbell goes? Or your child cries? Or your wifi disconnects?  Distractions are all around us.  Is your perfect browser a spontaneous buyer? Have they researched you and come to you specifically for their dream product? Either way, you don’t want to lose their interest.

The easier a consumer can get to the check out, and make the most simple payment (think PayPal as an example – one click and hey presto), the quicker their product leaves the cart and is on the way to them.

Directions and CTAs (calls to action). Yep, help them find their impulse buy/researched buy etc FAST.

A Shopify website that hasn’t been optimised for easy conversions won’t be good for you or your shopper. What no ecommerce sites want is a high bounce rate, ie they’ll BOUNCE OFF.  Not great for you, them and Google will be disappointed too.

One of Google’s (over 200) ranking factors is Site Usability: A site that’s difficult to use or to navigate can hurt rankings indirectly by reducing time on site, pages viewed and bounce rate.

What should you look for in a Shopify eCommerce theme?

If you are about to choose a theme for your website, what are the questions you are ticking off against your objective? If you have chosen a theme already, why did you choose that one and did you go through the proper analysis of your needs and that of your client?

Customers require fast, intuitive and simple sites to navigate. Remember the scary stats above….? Did you also know that a one second delay in page load can cause a 7% or more reduction in sales? 80% of us will bounce right off a site that isn’t displaying quickly on our mobiles. We are an impatient lot.

So yes, your branding needs to be on point, your colours should be easy for a search engine to read and crawl plus think of colours for colour blind and older customers. It can get blurry!  Also, think of fonts too. A beautiful italic, Italian swirl is beautiful, but can a search engine read it easily and anyone over 45!!! Ok, some I’m generalising about the age group grabbing their reading glasses, but as someone who now needs them, I’m someone’s classic demographic….

Themes are important because it’s about your audience’s vibe. Know your audience, know your colours, get those keywords optimised, CTAs obvious and the shopping process on point, together with your branding message, then thereafter your constant digital marketing and social marketing will pick up slowly, with Google Ads (PPC) as quicker wins to dovetail the SEO.

Some great themes for foodie shops are here, as an example, the Swanky Agency have kindly researched and written a blog HERE.

If you are a gifting company your theme options are beautifully laid out by Shopify HERE

Colours for Consumer Behaviour

It’s no surprise that advertising companies for huge brands work with colour psychologists to trigger emotions and needs. Think URGENCY! As smaller businesses, we don’t need to pay for a colour psychologist, the big brands have done it for us.  Just look at similar brands to yours who are huge and check out their branding colours, their CTA buttons etc.

Hubspot’s research also showed that green is extremely trustworthy for abandoned carts. Even if your brand isn’t a “green” vibe, the actual Green Bar SSL has shown that shopping cart abandonment may decrease if you display the green-bar SSL on your website.

Here’s a screenshot to give you an example of different search engines, but to read a little bit more into how to do this if you have no developer, you can buy this SSL from companies such as Digicert.

SSL green url Shopify tips from Pickled Ginger Marketing


Best Conversion Requirements for your Ecommerce Site

  • Best chosen theme for your audience
  • Easy navigation set up
  • Simple, one-click checkout for all customers
  • Effective CTAs
  • Optimised images and product page text

To sum it up

You know your products. Do you know your audience? Knowing your true audience will be the foundation for your theme, your keywords, your content, your colour scheme, and CTAs. If you are lost and need some strategy for your online marketing, from SEO, Ads, keywords, and content, I’d love to hear from you. Why not book a Power Hour Strategy call in with me?  You can book time in HERE.

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Elaine Pasini from Pickled Ginger Marketing
Elaine Pasini