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Pickled Ginger Marketing has a working history of providing SEO for lawyers. We have a wealth of healthy relationships with our law-based clientele.


What Is SEO?

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Search engine optimisation is a fairly diverse field. The name may make it seem fairly self explanatory – it’s simply making sure a website can be found easily on Google? Right?

This isn’t entirely true. Just about anyone can optimise their website in such a way that they’re not incurring any kind of penalties from search engines. But those who offer competent SEO services will increase your ability to rank for a diverse array of different search terms. They’ll also work to increase the strength of your website domain overall.

Those who are particularly experienced in their field will actively work to keep on top of algorithm updates. This entails a lot of experience, some guesswork and a lot of networking with other marketers. The additional effort pays off though, as it allows us to provide you with a reasonable level of security and ensure you maintain a steady influx of clients year-round.


Why Use SEO?

There’s a couple of different reasons you should consider utilising SEO on your website. Competent agencies will make these clear to you pretty quickly. For starters, high quality SEO services can grow the traffic your website generates significantly. More traffic often leads to a higher influx of clients – and thus revenue. 

More traffic doesn’t always net you more clients though, which is why it’s important to pick an agency that knows what they’re doing. This rings true for any industry, but if you’re not targeting people who actively have the intention of using your services – you’re wasting your time. We frequently refer to these as “warm leads”. 

Warm leads don’t actually have to be actively seeking out your services either

For Example:
  • Let’s say you’re a lawyer who specialises in financial compensation for injuries. You’ll only get so far ranking for local search terms for compensation claims.

  • Let’s say you’re a lawyer who specialises in financial compensation for injuries. You’ll only get so far ranking for local search terms for compensation claims.

  • Creative keyword strategies will often have you going after potential clients who are not yet problem aware. For example, people searching for local car repair garages.

  • Someone searching for a car repair garage has likely been involved in some sort of incident. It stands to reason a decent percentage of these people won’t be the responsible party in these accidents. This is a solid example of an untapped market of potential customers.

  • There’s so much more to a successful sales strategy than meets the eye. Which is why you’re wasting your money if you don’t invest in a marketing agency that adheres to this philosophy.


Why Use Us?

There are certainly other SEO agencies out there. Some may have some experience dealing with lawyers – some may be fairly new to the whole experience. Putting our past experience in this field aside, there are a couple of other factors that truly set us aside from other agencies.


Research is at the core of our values as an agency. It absolutely permeates every aspect of our business. We work overtime to ensure we stay on top of changes in your field and changes in our own field. Regardless of what specific field of law you’re involved in. 

This allows us to provide a certain level of security to our clients. For starters, you can rest comfortably knowing we have a solid foundation in the data we’ve been tasked with working with. Secondly, you will also have the added security of knowing that

Our Skills 

We have a diverse array of skills that can be utilised across any industry. From crafting bespoke content in your niche to ensure the more technical aspects of your website are maintained responsibly. We’re well organised – which is a necessity when you’re working with high quantities of data. 

If you’ve been involved in SEO in the past and are looking for a specialist to take over – this is something we’re happy to discuss. Whether you’re looking for “more of the same” or a

completely new set of strategies to enhance your digital growth – we’re more than capable of taking the task on. 

We can also assist with local SEO. If you live in an area with a great deal of local competition – this can be an absolute life saver. From helping you optimise your Google MyBusiness to ensuring you get first position on those local keywords. Every step you take is critical for local SEO – especially in fields as competitive as law.


Content Writing

We have a long history of producing content for legal clients and clients across various different industries. Our Director, Elaine Pasini, has over 20 years of working in the legal sector and writing as a ghostwriter under her belt. Typically there are three reasons someone would like to obtain written content for their website. The first is that they’re looking to coordinate a content marketing campaign. Content marketing is one of the best ways to promote your company. Producing high quality, shareable content will grant you exposure to a wide range of potential customers. Repeating this practice will also build up your reputation as an authority in your given field. 

Another reason people look for written content for their website is to increase their search engine rankings. Search engines will always prioritise websites which grant value to their users. Having a large repertoire of content relevant to your field will show search engines such as Google that you’re committed to providing value to your audience. Ensuring your content is consistent and relevant will grant you topical relevance. This relevance makes it easier to rank for terms in your own field. If you sell pianos, and all your content is about pianos – you’re going to find it pretty difficult to rank for office supplies. This logic applies across all fields.

The less common reason people opt to outsource their content is quite simple. It keeps your website looking busy! Active websites inspire more confidence and trust from their users. People might not be as keen to reach out to you if the last piece of content you produced was in 2015. Even if that content was incredibly thoughtful and well made. Allowing your website to stagnate is poor practice in terms of SEO

Content Writing




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