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Local SEO

If you’re looking for local SEO services in the UK, you’re in luck. Pickled ginger marketing currently offers a comprehensive local SEO service for any industry. If you’re interested in utilising this service feel free to get in contact with us immediately. You can utilise our contact us form and we’ll get back to you shortly.

What Is Local SEO?

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the practice of optimising a website for search engine visibility related to local searches. This can be done in a couple of ways. One way is to optimise your website to rank for keywords in a specific area – “Carpenters In Brighton”. Other practices are related to optimising your website for location based searches – “Carpenters Near Me”. 

Even if you just search for a generic industry, google will often show you local results first. If I just search “carpenters”, for example. 

There’s quite a wide variety of strategies that can be implemented to boost your rankings for geographic search terms. Simple things like optimizing your Google MyBusiness page can make a world of difference.


What’s The Difference Between Local SEO And SEO?

Many of the underlying strategies behind both are fairly similar. The major difference is in implementation. Both local and generic SEO have on-site and off-site components. The on-site tends to be relatively similar. Ensuring you have a bank of compelling content for example. Ensuring your website is well optimised from a technical perspective is another important factor in both. Ensuring your website is addressing relevant search terms in your niche is also universal.


The on-site SEO can start to diverge when it comes to the specifics of your content. Crafting content that’s tailored to industry in your local area is ideal for ranking locally. Important data on your business such as opening times, phone numbers and addresses become much more important for local optimisation.The two disciplines tend to diverge when it comes to off-site SEO. Off-site Generic SEO often consists largely of obtaining links from relevant websites in the same niche. Natural links from relevant websites who are genuinely interested in sharing your content often work best.

Local SEO tends to lend itself more heavily towards other forms of optimisation. Namely ensuring your Google MyBusiness is well optimised (which can actually be a fairly daunting task if you’re looking for real results). Generating reviewsIn some ways, local SEO can be easier than regular SEO. You’re less likely to be competing with older domains that have incredible levels of authority. In other ways, it can be harder. Ranking a website for a generic search term doesn’t often mean you need to worry about reviews, Google MyBusiness or anything of that ilk.

You’re operating at an advantage if you’re looking to implement local SEO services in the UK. We’re a slightly less populous nation – meaning you won’t have to worry about anywhere near as many competitors. Ranking for “Fast Food Birmingham” is much easier than “Fast Food Chicago”.


Why Is Local SEO Important?

Local SEO is important because it allows you to stay visible to people who may be searching locally. Depending on your industry – this can be absolutely vital. If you run a brick-and-mortar business that requires local customers, this is a strategy you can’t afford not to utilise. 

Businesses such as restaurants rely heavily on local visibility. According to consumer research conducted by NextRestaurants, about 26% of consumers looking for a restaurant will search for “Best Restaurants in [INSERT CITY]”, a further 17% will search for a specific type of restaurant locally. 

Let’s say only 100 people are searching for a restaurant in your area locally a month. That’s 43 potential customers you’re missing out on.It doesn’t matter if you’re a car mechanic or a criminal defence lawyer, location matters. Unless you’re absolutely exceptional in your field or have an incredibly unique business model people won’t often travel across the country for your services.

Why Is Local SEO Important

The Numbers

If the information above wasn’t quite compelling enough, some other data from the industry might convince you.46% of all google searches are for local businesses. Given that google receives roughly 63,000 searches per second, the raw number of actual searches for local businesses is staggering. 

Despite this, 56% of local businesses haven’t bothered with their Google MyBusiness listings. How many of your competitors are implementing bad practices? How easy would it be to completely overtake them by implementing a handful of simple search strategies? People are becoming more and more aware of Google’s geographic potential. Searches that include the phrase “near me” have increased by a staggering 500% in recent years.

Voice related searches for local businesses have also gone up. Largely due to the increased accessibility of speech-to-text software on modern smartphones. As people shift more towards voice activated searches – local businesses are going to have to adapt. People phrase their searches completely differently when they use their voice to search. There’s a whole host of local keywords just waiting for people to rank for them.

Why Use Us

Why Use Us?

Local SEO, much like regular SEO, is a rapidly evolving industry. If you’re planning on implementing local search strategies, you’ll need a competent agency. Agencies that do not stay on top of changes in their field are going to cause you trouble in the long run. If you’re looking for serious, long term success you’ll need to opt for an agency that’s willing to work tirelessly to keep on top of things. 

We are a forward planning, open minded agency who are willing to go over and above to guarantee those results. If you’re interested in utilising our services, we’ll have a brief chat with you to get a solid understanding of how you conduct your business. Once we have a reasonable grasp of you’re position within your industry, we can tailor a strategy built specifically for your own business. 

We aren’t working off a generic template. That can encourage a “tick a few boxes and get paid” attitude. We’re actively working towards ensuring your business increases its visibility and stays as healthy as possible.





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