Seo Digital Marketing

With a digital marketing strategy your business can begin to rank highly and effectively, gathering referrals and hot leads. Our marketing strategies offer effective planning for your growth through data assets and tech-focused initiatives. We are your go-to outsourced marketing team, dovetailing with your in-house marketing team (if you have one), or simply as your own marketing team. Pickled Ginger Marketing aligns itself to your needs and where you’d like to see generated traffic and referrals coming to your website.


SEO digital marketing is a long-term strategy to enhance your online presence. We market your business by raising your brand to become a leader as an authority in your industry, whilst working on bringing qualified website traffic and leads to you. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, a strategy whereby we work through a range of technology, algorithms, online optimisation and off-page writing and link-building. It blends tech and data together with quality content and PR. It’s a process, which is why it’s ORGANIC growth (as opposed to PPC and Ads – which can be quick wins).


Keywords are how Google and search engines can find the answer to the user’s question. Here at Team Pickled Ginger we use a range of leading software to give our lovely clients a keyword competition analysis. This is the process of calculating how the top rankings fare when it comes to Google’s most important SEO ranking factors, including their use of specific keywords. The goal is to get an overall view of what you’re up against and where your opportunities are.


We can’t rank you highly without quality content. Content marketing is part of a good digital strategy. Your website should have webpage copy that is optimised and thereafter it requires rolling engaging content (e.g. through a blog page). Content is a LOVE of Elaine and Craig’s and they research and write in their clients’ tone of voice, industry tongue and incorporate the keywords from the analysis.


Need a makeover for your website or is your website tired and slow? We have a branding expert (thank you Mel!) to work with our developers. From a logo design and colour schemes to match your personality, through to developing a website that works well for your needs, Pickled Ginger can ignite your business. This could be WordPress, Squarespace or a CMS. We can help you. If you require webpage copy, then we are at hand to help you there too. All our websites are SECURE and will be optimised for keywords, meta descriptions, tags and categories.





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