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Pickled Ginger believes in getting you results through a full scope of digital marketing services, including strategy, creativity and innovation.

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Your business is unique and needs the right digital capabilities to win in today’s savvy and competitive world. A digital marketing strategy offers effective planning for maximising your business goals through researched data analysis, algorithm research, leading technology-focused initiatives, industry data, audience understanding, keyword checks and competitor diving! If you have an in-house marketing team, do they have the time, resources and expertise to cover search engine optimisation (SEO), blended with their digital marketing initiatives? Online growth is based on an SEO strategy that is heavily led by quality content, link building, and dovetailed with social media, PPC, email marketing  and a healthy website, amongst other techniques and processes. Our passion at Pickled Ginger is to work with businesses who may be starting their digital journey, or enhance established marketing and business development teams with a tailored digital strategy for your business, your industry and your online market.



Want to get more earned traffic, leads, and sales? Start where 93% of online experiences start—with search engines (not going to lie…it’s Google we really want to get your website ranked in!). Grow your long-term authority and get more qualified website traffic, leads and sales through search engine optimisation (SEO) marketing. Team Pickled Ginger works with you by auditing your current digital status and gathering insights on any pain points or gaps in your online marketing. From that audit, we will offer you a bespoke analytical report, and work towards what we can deliver based on data and analysis. We never take money just for the sake of it, it’s our reputation too. We want to make it work for you, so our proposals are based on data, analysis and communication most effective for you and your business goals.



With a thorough competitive analysis from Pickled Ginger using our go to leading software and tailored algorithms, we will identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats, and Opportunities (SWOT) from a digital marketing perspective. From our insights we can review the intelligence to create the very best outcome for your digital marketing strategy what will work and what won’t. Ultimately our analysis is to provide our clients with the knowledge of how to strengthen its brand on Google through a spectrum of techniques, such as building quality content and white-hat backlinks. Our analysis will help the marketing decision on how to close its competitor gaps and get the webpages ranking effectively high in the search results. We’ll provide custom-tailored recommendations for how you can improve your online presence and performance, as well as explain the SEO points system with a breakdown in percentages of expectations.

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Attract, acquire and engage your target audience through the creation and distribution of relevant and valuable content. Elaine is our head content writer and can adapt the tone of voice, narrative and research in line with any industry. Whether you require content created for your product pages to be able to help with your conversions, need help with blog/article writing, would like training in how to write to “be seen” and get found in search engines, then you must get in touch!

We will grow your online presence and establish you as an authority in your field. Elaine and the team know exactly how to format and optimise a blog for Google to love you. Thin content is a no no for online marketing.  Google and other search engines are extremely clever, they are robots that cannot be outsmarted, although human behaviour and the intent behind a search is absolutely paramount for a an effective marketing strategy.  Content is very much King (or as Elaine says, Queen…) and we know exactly what Google wants from us all as we live and breathe Google updates.

Don’t forget….content comes in many different source, text, infographics, videos and Podcasts.

What is Content Marketing, Outreach & Guest Blogging?
  • Content marketing is the creation, distribution and promotion of content (not just in the written form) with a view to engaging with an audience of your existing and prospective clients, sharing your thoughts, opinions and expertise, and raising awareness of your brand within target industry sectors.  Writing a guest blog for an industry online magazine that links back to your website is so powerful.  Why? Because you are sharing your knowledge, your solutions, your help, through a well thought out, strategic, formatted and linked blog/article/post. The more quality links that come back to your website who Google that you are a valuable source of expertise, authority and trust.  This is Google’s E-A-T requirement.  Linkbuilding is a fabulous part of our SEO campaigns, Never underestimate the power of words.

  • As a specialist marketing agency, we engage with leading publications to ensure our content finds its way to the most influential websites. Google positively rewards sites that acquire backlinks from authoritative sources, so outreach SEO PR should be a key component of any content marketing strategy.

PPC Google Ads Agency

PPC and Google Ads

Bespoke For Your Business

Paid ads drive action. Fact. This is the fast-track route into digital but it can be a minefield and costly when not done correctly.

Our PPC agency can help you level the playing field and not only compete but stand out amongst your main competitors in your industry.

We are an experienced team, equipped to deliver results whatever your brand’s goal, mission or challenges. We can build profitable, super charged campaigns from the ground up or reinvigorate existing ads that are under performing.

From our base in Marlow, our PPC Agency actively targets key stages of the conversion funnel. Our carefully-honed formula matches audience personas with adaptive messaging and creative ads to drive performance. We can expand your reach with paid ads, targeting new or cold audiences as well as implementing dynamic remarketing to re-ignite and cross sell to current customers into the sales cycle.

We deep dive into your existing performance (if you have any) and investigate your target market to ensure we appeal to your customers/clients, using keywords, language and images, that they will respond to.

On an ongoing basis, we refine your campaign and strive for an optimal quality score to keep the conversions going up but the costs going down. To do this, we build landing pages optimal for conversion, or product pages that are relevant to your ads that keep users on track.

The team at our PPC agency will carry out regular optimisations, test new ads, compare performance, always using information and industry tools to fuel your next step.




97% of consumers and potential clients go online to find local services, and 82% of smartphone users use a search engine when looking for a local business. Once they are searching for a local business online, Pickled Ginger would like to work with you to make sure your brand is high up in the local listings. Reviews are powerful for website clicks. Reviews are psychologically powerful from a behavioural science perspective, especially for professional services, as they convey trust. How do you connect with your potential client or collaborator? With the expertise of Pickled Ginger of course! Your local citations are something that Pickled Ginger can help you with as we understand Google wants to match the best solution to the user’s question. We can help you with that, either as a “localised” campaign or as part of the overall digital strategy.
Using our Local SEO services, we can offer you citations, supporting articles, GMB posts and local website suggestions via Google Maps.



The future of SEO relies very much on Google’s love of quality links and Pickled Ginger’s off-page SEO strategy is a winner. With our link campaigns chosen with you, you can either choose pure White Hat link building techniques with Pickled Ginger, or dovetail the whole digital marketing strategy focusing on lead generation.

Pickled Ginger’s link building team loves strategy, maths, algorithms and metrics. Google measures authority and relevancy to see how powerful or valuable a link is – but how? Its metrics will pick up on how many links are clicked and therefore, how much traffic a specific link generates.

To generate real results, you need genuine authoritative and relevant links pointing to your site – that is what we, at Pickled Ginger, can do for you. Our team are experts in this, so if you think your business would like an SEO strategy based on white hat backlinks, or to find how we use backlinks in our SEO strategies to advance your online presence, we’d welcome your call or email to find out more about you, your company and your audience.

High Quality Guest Posting Services.
  • PR SEO is an extremely effective part of a digital marketing campaign. You’ve probably heard of guest blogging but did you realise why it is SO valuable from a Google perspective? Guest posts are a brilliant way of building your backlink profile in a legitimate way (so no spammy backlinks for Google to penalise you on). Guest posts are a natural and effective way of gaining backlinks so less risky (you may have heard of some agencies buying Spammy links – we do NOT do that at Pickled Ginger, our links are White Hat only).

  • Pickled Ginger has exceptionally good copywriters on board and Elaine Pasini, the founder, is a leading content article writer, with hundreds of ghost editorial articles in many client industry online magazines under her belt. Legal writing is her forte (she loves it!) but she and her cohort can put high quality content together with ease for guest posting.





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