What is a Call-to-Action (CTA)? EXAMPLES TO GET RESULTS

CTA Examples for Great Results with Pickled Ginger Marketing

How do you direct your website visitors to buy from you? Through a CTA of course…

How do website visitors get hold of you when reading a blog or land on your home page?  What do they PRESS to buy from you?  How should they order that Cheat Sheet on “Guide to Becoming a Millionaire Over Night…”, your “50% discounted offer ending this Monday” …you know we mean.  Most visitors to a website are clueless about the actions they should be taking whilst browsing or reading, to actually get what they landed on the website for in the first place. Don’t let them bounce off – give them directions to further their journey with you.

It is your responsibility to come up with ideas to provide your wonderful website visitors with where and how they can be directed in all stages of your market funnel.

How can you do that?

Put Call-to-Action buttons in obvious places.  Call-to-Actions are offered referred to as CTAs in marketing speak.  If you are new to this concept, we will guide you with tips, and help you think of designs to give you an idea some of the best CTAs for your marketing strategy. Let’s get started!

What is a Call-to-Action (CTA) in Marketing?

A call-to-action is what you want your website visitors to do. If you are running ads on an advertising platform, then CTA is something you want the people to do once they are done watching the ad.

It can be as simple as asking them to provide more information about themselves, visiting your website for more information, or directly buy a product. The thing you need to understand is that without an effective CTA, people are not going to do what you want them to.  Spoon feed them, as it were.  Make it SO easy for them to buy, download, get in touch, etc that it’s just an automatic response for them.

The bottom line is – You Have Got To Ask To Make Things Happen.

Four Call-to-Action Best Practices to Follow

Here are some of the best practices you must follow when writing CTAs.

1.       Colours of CTA Buttons

The colours of the CTA buttons need to be perfect for your brand and for the essence of the need. The reason behind putting the right colour in the CTA is simple. Different colours trigger different emotions in humans. It is this natural instinct to react to colours that gives marketers the power for leverage. Most marketers and advertisers go for red, green or orange/yellow buttons because these colours perform the best. But, you must take care of the website’s theme while adding a CTA button.

Why red, green and orange/yellow? Let’s have a look at this colour chart from Canva.


Colour Psychology for CTA buttons with Pickled Ginger Marketing

Warm colours are the colours from red through to yellow. These colours are said to bring our minds towards warmth, like the sun.

Cool colours are the colours from blue to green and purple. These colours are said to bring to our minds coolness, like water.

The 3 best colours for call to action buttons:

Red. There’s no denying that red stands out on most web pages. It invokes passion, excitement, and urgency. Some of us fear the red because it reminds us of “See Me” at school with handwritten notes from the teacher! (Showing my age now).  But from a quick response perspective for your customers to take urgent action on your product (whether that is to buy a product now, give you their email now, download an EBook now, etc.) then Red is perfect.  It’s a little weird – as back to the “telling off” analogy, if we were in a car, then it means STOP; however from all research carried out over the years, in a CTA moment, it is one of the best colours to use.

Green. We are in the cool phase now, so it’s being sensible with using your commons senses about what industry you work in and what audience you provide to. If the product or service you are selling environment related, psychology, healthy and peace – then green is the perfect call-to-action button colour for you. Green is calming and can be associated with “Go” which is a motivator for many customers.  The “Go” emotion is aligned with our brains to feel a trust to go ahead.

Orange or Yellow. Orange is energising, exiting and warm. Most individuals will associate it with the warmth from the sun. When your website visitors feel happy from that warm, happy feeling that the colour invokes in them, they will be more likely to buy products that they associate with happiness. It’s a great one for fashion for example.

CTA examples of colour buttons with Pickled Ginger Marketing

We would recommend not using BLACK, WHITE or BROWN.  They come across as foreboding, gloomy, lazy (black); merges into the background or visually the eye doesn’t connect and often it’s too pale on pale (white); and just meh (brown).

1.       Shapes of CTA Buttons

The shape of the CTA button is an important factor as well. You will have to come up with a decision to go with a rectangular or rounded CTA button shape. Well, there’s no study available on which shapes perform best. But, we highly recommend experimenting with different shapes and using analytics to make an informed decision.  I

Don’t worry too much about button shapes if your website designer or developer thinks it too tricky.  Some web builder websites might not have this functionality in any event. If you are going with a brand designer as part of a 360 degree branding, design, web design, development and SEO – this will be awesome to have you own CTA shape and colour! The brand designer will know how to help you.  Our very own, Mel Matthews, is professional graphic designer having studied in the arts so understands you, your audience, your industry and how colours work.

2.       Put Large and Legible Text

The text on the CTA should be easy to read and comprehend. The button should be big enough to attract attention. But, should not overwhelm your visitors at the same time. The text should trigger urgency and make people take action quickly as well.  Let’s remember that many of us are searching on a mobile device so need to be able to swiftly and accurately know the button we want to press says exactly what you want us to read.

If you know your audience persona, and the age is over 40, bear in mind that eyesight changes within the 40s + so it’s hard to see close up!  If you know your audience is a mobile browser rather than a desktop, it’s even more important to get the CTA text a good size using a clear font.  Don’t miss a chance!

3.       Go For 1st Person Speech

CTAs that are more personal will help get better conversions. Making a simple change from second-person to first-person speech in CTAs can result in a 90% increase in the CTR.   See Content Verve’s A/B testing of their personalised first person CTA button.  Interesting isn’t it?

20 Call-to-Action Examples for GREAT RESULTS

Here are some of the CTAs you can use in your next marketing campaign or on your website.

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Check out this infographic to use on your Pin Board or to share with your colleagues or network.

Wrapping Up

  • Is your CTA easy and does it get to the point?
  • Is there an obligation?
  • Is there an incentive?

Your potential customers can take hundreds of directions when they land in your marketing funnel. But, showing them what direction they should take is something that will drastically improve your conversions. We highly recommend aligning your call-to-actions with your marketing goals and then optimizing them for better results. We hope you liked this piece of content.

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