Why LinkedIn is such a great platform to grow your business!

Bettina Linkedin Trainer from BusySolutions

Why LinkedIn is such a great platform to grow your business!

Guest Blog by LinkedIn Specialist & Trainer

Bettina Siddiqi

Bettina Linkedin Trainer from BusySolutions


Why I first started my business

I first started my business five years ago …I hadn’t taken that many clients with me from my previous role, so I needed to build my business through lead generation. I had young children at the time and didn’t have a huge amount of time to network; the one platform that helped me was LinkedIn. I thought about my target market, my audience who I wanted to work with and receive business from and then looked at the contacts/data on LinkedIn and did various searches.  I searched and connected with as many people as possible, to build up my network to help it to grow; it’s a great platform for any small, medium to large business.

Your brand presence

We all need a brand presence on LinkedIn, whilst searching and engaging with the right people. The first thing you need to look at is your profile, which is your shop window.  Your profile requires important elements to begin with, such as your profile photo, your banner, headline and summary section  – each of these need to stand out from 690 million users! Each part of that profile needs then to have particular researched keywords to make it searchable; for example when you put your name into a Google search, what is the first thing that comes up it’s often your LinkedIn profile so make it searchable using the correct keywords.  72% teens use Instagram with LinkedIn 24% people between 18 -24 year olds use LinkedIn. Also 90 million LinkedIn users are senior level and 63 million are in senior level positions, so lots of room for gaining some amazing leads.  The fact you can also filter your data to location around the world is huge for any marketer or salesperson.

Connecting with the right audience

Connecting with your right audience, think about your client “avatar”, the right people to search for so don’t just connect with anybody… be specific, otherwise you end up with so much spam.   Think about people who you network with, colleagues, friends add them all to your network. Send them a personalised message as it’s a great way to build relationships.


When engaging on people’s posts

Engagement is crucial on people’s posts always engage with as many people in your network as possible to grow your business for your profile to get noticed but not only that if you are the first person to comment on a person’s post and be a thought leader and add value your profile will start to get noticed straight away and start getting more contact request which can in the long run create more business. Once you built that brand you also want to make business on it and the key to doing this is getting your message right and the sooner you manage to get some of these people on the phone the better as that when you can talk business! This does take time it will not happen overnight small steps if you are looking to build your brand in a hurry this will not happen you need to take the time to build those relationships. Remember it’s all about them and not you, it’s more about getting to know them and for them to know like and trust you.


It’s important that your content is organic rather than generic ….you know what works for your audience and if you don’t it’s best to begin the process of analysing it; look at what works and what doesn’t work, test different types of posts. Consistency and patience will pay off, people buy from people at the end of the day,  they will see this in your content.  LinkedIn is one of the best free marketing tools you can invest in. Being visible is more important now than ever and getting those posts out there will make such a difference to your business. How else will people get to know you, mix up your daily posts with different content, video is huge on LinkedIn now.  A strategy always helps plan how and what you post at least once a week.

Building Relationships

Finding the right audience is key, nurturing and building those relationships really does help – it’s exactly like attending a network meeting on Zoom or face to face where you meet a group of people, you can then connect on LinkedIn.  That’s how you get to know people properly, remember it’s about them – not you so in your message talk about them.

Bettina Siddiqi from Busy BSolutions runs regular workshops, coaches businesses, coaches individuals on a 121 from businesses to jobseekers She also runs a strategy course-  as it’s all about accountability and often people have no idea and need prompting on how to market themselves on LinkedIn.  Bettina can be contact here.