Why Use a 360° Marketing Agency for Best Results & ROI

360 Marketing Journey with Pickled Ginger Marketing

Why Use a 360° Marketing  Agency for Best Results & ROI

Launching a new business is a balancing act, you need to ensure each and every area is optimised towards providing positive results for your business. Marketing is the single most important method for generating revenue.

In 2020, there are thousands of businesses trying to be found online and failing. This is because they don’t know how to be seen.

360° Marketing encompasses all aspects of your business and portrays that to the client or customer in a positive and consistent way. One business, one message. Getting this message to customers via any and all possible points of contact. The more the customer can see your name and your product, the more they buy from you.

Hiring an agency to professionally manage your Brand is the single best way to ensure your business gets the best chance it possibly can in the online marketplace.  The outside perspective we provide is the difference between guess work and professional knowledge, we know how to grow your business.

Marketing requires knowledge of the latest trends and technologies. In 2020 these all move and change quickly, we’ve had to adapt to strange times; we follow and use these trends and technologies to keep your business ahead of your competitors.  With our knowledge and connections, we can advertise and grow your products in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

Simply put, the Marketing of your new business is the factor that decides if it booms or if it fails, so why leave it to chance?

What is 360° Marketing?

360° Marketing is the process of ensuring each and every aspect of a business’s marketing campaign is working successfully and pointing in the same direction. It combines all aspects of marketing that a customer can interact with and smoothly directs the customer towards your product or service.

We use 360° marketing to maximise a business’s connection with their customers. So, how do we do that?

Applying 360° Marketing

1 Psychology, Brand and Message

Essentially the ethos of your business, what it stands for and how you positively influence the customers of your business. Here we work with you to create a coherent message that you want to send to your customers and proceed to convey that message across all platforms of your marketing campaign.

2 Search Engine Optimisation

Your online content is ranked, and where it is ranked decides who sees it and if it is ever even seen. SEO is the process of making sure that when your clients or customers search for the product or service you sell, they find you and not your competitor at the top of the search.

To successfully get your business at the top of the list we use keyword research, internal SEO and linking.

This matches what your customers are searching for, optimises your website and interconnects all your platforms.

3 Social Media

This is arguably the biggest and most important section of a business’s marketing campaign. This resource is also perhaps the best and easiest way to get in touch with your customers.

Social media allows you to speak to your customers directly, creating a way for customers to see new products and services. More importantly, it allows them to share them with friends.

Using Social media, we can implement paid media to give your posts that extra nudge they might need at first. Using a paid boost for your post can mean that your business reaches ten times as many possible customers.

4 Web Design & Development

The website of a business is the image a customer gets when they actively look for you, and there is nothing worse for a business if their website isn’t up to scratch. Your website needs to be sleek, professional and well managed.  The branding message should flow throughout, the page speed download should be optimal, the images need to be tagged, each page of the website needs to be secure, the user experience (UX ) should offer the reader an easy journey and the CTAs (calls to action) should be spot on.

Allowing customers to easily understand your business and how to buy your product or service. A well-designed website makes the difference between success and failure.  Match that with integrated Google Analytics and Google Search Console and you have one successful website to hand.  Without a complementary SEO team to work hand in hand with a web development team however, your website is just that, a site on the internet without a way for Google and other search engines to find you.  Again, it is about being SEEN and being FOUND.

5 Email Marketing

Another excellent way of keeping customers informed on how your business is progressing. New products, sales and other announcements. Emailing customers allows you to target messages to specific types of customers and clients, this personal touch for relationship building helps them find what they want from your business.  We integrate Mailchimp into your website, set up subscription pop-ups to your taste, look after GDPR, work on the CVC and CRM databases, segment different audiences and implement best email practice throughout.  You’d rather we’d looked after whole process of writing content, sourcing images, sending out and tracking? We can do all that for you, in-house.

6 Blogging

Blogs and News pages on websites are extremely important for 2 reasons.  Blogs (or articles or posts…) are useful for creating content that conveys opinions, advice and answers on your specific area of business, your products or your services. Blogs help your audience to understand these products and services whilst also creating a community that follows your blogs and your thought pieces.  Allowing growth for your business as you adapt to your clients or customers’ wants and needs.  Here are our top two reasons to get blogging:

Reason Number 1

Quality content offering tips, advice, solutions and answers is the digital way we find information nowadays.  Some of the Pickled Ginger Team are old enough (cough cough) to remember pre-internet when we had to devour encyclopedias and hunt around libraries to access answers to our questions.  Some people actually believe Google is a one stop library, which in a sense it is, but the Google library requires accurate, quality, relevant and quick information at its little crawly fingertips.  WE HAVE TO FEED GOOGLE this information.  Google, Bing and Amazon don’t just happen to come across your site.  Your site needs to optimise itself and work hard to help Google et al match an online query with an answer.  So, let’s help Google et al, use YOUR information to answer the searcher’s query.

Reason Number 2

Google will rank you highly if you optimise your website with consistent content that offers quality information.  Quality means that it is not spammy; it is relevant to your industry; it offers valuable advice and information; has keywords, tags and categories to aid its search speeds and proficiency.

So having a professional blog writer that is not only brilliant with understanding your tone of voice, can easily manage 1000 words that scream authority and can optimise that blog for you on your website using internal and external links is worth their weight in gold…..and Pickled Ginger has that gold.

Pickled Ginger Marketing is solid gold
Pickled Ginger Marketing is Gold Dust to our clients

REMINDER of why professional blog writing is important in 360 marketing:

  • Blogs are often full of keywords and phrases that you or your business want to rank highly for in internet searches.
  • Readers want frequently updated and well-written content, and so does Google. Blogging is the perfect way to gain interest for all the right reasons.
  • Blogs usually feature many links to other parts of a website, interesting articles and further reading. Google loves a connected piece of content!  Link juice to many!
  • Blogs enrich your own web of content and provide Google with the information it needs to connect you with the search terms you want to rank highly for.
  • Finally, Google ranks well for delicious links. Link building is the PR side of SEO and they are the equivalent of references at the end of a chapter in a text book, automatically notifying another blogger if you have linked to their article.  Guest blogs, white papers, press releases, industry magazine articles….now you’re talking.  Pickled Ginger’s team are known for their impressive ghost writing abilities.
Ghost writing and editorial by Elaine Pasini at Pickled Ginger Marketing
The gold pen of Elaine & Danny, Pickled Ginger’s expert ghost writers!

7 Video Marketing

YouTube, Instagram and Facebook are the main platforms for video marketing, and this is the single fastest growing area of marketing.

Being able to keep your customers entertained for the duration of a video is one of the more challenging aspects of this, however done successfully you will go away with a strong community who follows your business’s content.

Not to mention being able to monetise the videos you create, meaning your marketing campaign begins to literally pay for itself.  Click on our video link here and see a classic example of a succinct message HERE:

Video Creations by Pickled Ginger Marketing

Professional 360° Marketing in Summary

Marketing is the most essential part of any business, especially new. It influences how your business is seen by your clients and customers and will directly control your success.

By allowing professionals to manage your marketing campaigns you will free your time up for other aspects of your business that you specialise in. Maximising your businesses efficiency overall. Our team will be saving your business time and money, while growing your customer base and the community that follows you online.

By professionally combining all these aspects and more in a clear coherent way, we will rocket your business to success.

The team at Pickled Ginger Marketing are true professionals and 360° Creative & Digital Marketing is our way of life… we’d love to help your business grow so what are you waiting for?  Let’s get your business ranking effectively today … call for a no obligation chat on +44 7775438538 or fill in our contact form here.